Clarity Vs. Price Comparison Chart

What clarity is best? We recommend that you select a diamond that has no inclusions that are visible to the unaided eye, such as an "SI1" or "SI2". Diamonds of this clarity are much more reasonable in price than flawless diamonds, and do not contain inclusions that would otherwise detract from the beauty of the diamond.

The chart below compares the prices of diamonds, all the exact same size, (The size selected was a 1.00 CT (1 Carat) Round Brilliant Cut), with a color grade of "J" (Our best-selling, most popular color grade), with a Cutting Grade of "Premium - 2A or 2B" (Our best-selling, most popular Cutting Grades) - with the various Clarity Grades.

Clarity Grade Description Price Comparison
1 Carat - J Color 2A/2B

No internal inclusions, No external blemishes.
Museum Quality, extremely rare.

$ 7,200
internally Flawless

No internal inclusions
Extremely rare.

$ 5,200
Very, Very Slightly included

Very, very difficult to locate inclusions under a gemologist's 10X power binocular microscope.

$ 5,000
$ 4,800
VS1 - VS2
Very Slightly included

Very difficult to locate inclusions under a gemologist's 10X power binocular microscope; difficult to see under 4X.

$ 4,500
$ 4,200
SI1 - SI2
Slightly included

Easy to see inclusions under a 4X Jeweler's visor; may not be able to see inclusions with the unaided eye.

$ 3,800
$ 3,400

"Eye-Visible" inclusions when the diamond is unmounted - sometimes, "Eye-Clean" when set into a mounting.

$ 2,600

Definite "Eye-Visible" inclusions, even when mounted. Durability of the diamond may be questionable.

$ 1,800
Very imperfect

Very imperfect. Very, very "Eye-visible" inclusions, even when mounted. Not recommended for rings.

$ 1,300

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