The LOOSE DIAMONDS listed below are a selection we have available to us through a special arrangement with one of our diamond cutters. These loose diamonds are available for viewing with no obligation; however, we do need a 48 hour notice to get the diamond(s) into our office. Please notify me as to which diamond(s) interests you. I will arrange to have the diamond(s) in my office in as little as 48 obligation. I will then examine these diamonds to verify their laboratory grades of Clarity, Color, and Cut. If you don't find what you are looking for, please send me an email or telephone me with all of the diamond's desired specifications.........I will find it. The selected diamond(s) will be be available for inspection for a maximum of SEVEN (7) DAYS. Please feel free to telephone me at: (912) 598-5007 (M - S, 10 - 6 and on Sundays by appointment) . I will be glad to send you, via an email, a copy of the respective DIAMOND GRADING CERTIFICATE, if one is available. ALL DIAMONDS LISTED BELOW ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE.

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1/2 Carat - 1 Carat
(.45 CT. - 1.10 Ct.)
Size Stock #ClarityColorCut TableCertSale Price
.46 CAM00167RW VS2 F Choice 62% SGI $1099
.46 CAM00293RW VS2 F Ideal 53% SGI $1099
.50 CAM00295RW SI2 F Ideal 54% SGI $999
.50 CAM00159RW VS2 F Premium 61% SGI $1199
.55 CAM00164RW VS1 E Choice 65% SGI $1799
.57 CAM00151RW SI3 G Ideal 55% SGI $1099
.58 CAM00237RW VS1 E Ideal 55% SGI $1699
.59 CAM0024RW SI1 D Ideal 56% SGI $1499
.60 CAM00211RW VS1 D Ideal 55% GIA $2199
.65 CAM00254RW VS2 G Ideal 57% SGI $1799
.70 CAM00192RW VS1 H Ideal 53% SGI $2199
.78 CAM00304RW SI1 I Ideal 56% SGI $1899
.78 CAM00305RW SI1 F Ideal 56% GIA $2999
1.01 CAM00275RW SI2 G Ideal 57% EGL $4199
1.01 CAM00300RW SI1 G Ideal 55% EGL $4599
1.01 CAM00307RW SI1 G Ideal 57% GIA $4899
1.01 CAM00261RW SI1 G Premium 58% GIA $5299
1.02 CAM00299RW SI3 F Choice 64% SGI $3399
1.02 CAM00297RW SI2 F Ideal 57% GIA $4699
1.03 CAM00298RW SI1 H Ideal 57% GIA $4499
1.04 CAM00302RW SI1 I Ideal 56% SGI $3799
1.05 CAM00289RW SI1 H Ideal 55% GIA $4599
1.07 CAM00288RW SI1 F Premium 59% GIA $5499
1 1/8 Carat - 3 Carat
(1.12 CT. - 3.10 Ct.)
1.12 CAM00287RW SI1 G Ideal 57% GIA $5699
1.17 CAM00306RW SI1 E Ideal 56% GIA $6499
1.18 CAM00274RW VS1 I Ideal 54% EGL $4699
1.20 CAM00301RW SI2 F Ideal 55% GIA $6299
1.21 CAM00303RW SI3 E Ideal 55% SGI $4299
1.21 CAM00279RW VS2 H Ideal 57% EGL $5599
1.51 CAM00033RW SI3 L Ideal 57% SGI $3599
2.01 CAM00292RW SI1 D Ideal 54% GIA $15999
3.03 CAM00276RW SI1 I Ideal 53% EGL $18999

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