Cut Grade Standards

Cut Grade Standards
    Length-to-Width Ratio "Bow-Tie"    
  1A - 1.00 to 1.0 None   "Ideal Cut"
1B - .98 to 1.0 None
    "Premium Cut"

2A -
.96 to 1.0 Hardly Noticeable
2B - .94 to 1.0 Hardly Noticeable
    "Choice Cut"

3A -
.92 to 1.0 Slightly Noticeable
3B - .90 to 1.0 Slightly Noticeable
    "Value Cut"
4A -
.88 to 1.0
4B -
.86 to 1.0

The Princess Cut shape is the most reasonably priced of all the diamond shapes. Its popularity is gaining at a very fast pace, both as a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring and as a Center Diamond accented by smaller Round or Fancy Shape Diamonds on each side.
One word of caution, however, the "Ideal Cut" Princess Cut Diamond is a perfect "square"; its Length and Width are exactly the same; i.e., 1.0 to 1.0. As a result of this Length-to-Width ratio, 80% of its weight is in the depth of the Diamond. When the Princess Cut Diamond is mounted into a jewelry design, even a Classic Solitaire Ring mounting, its size appears much smaller than the same size of the other diamond shapes. This is because only 20% of the Princess Cut Diamond can be seen from the top of the ring. For example, an "Ideal Cut" Princess Cut Diamond weighing 1.00 CT. (one carat) measures 6.0 X 6.0 mm; an "Ideal Cut" Marquise Diamond weighing 1.00 CT. (one carat) measures 10.0 X 5.0 mm. Let's compare the measurements of an "Ideal Cut" Princess Cut Diamond weighing 1.00 CT (one carat) with five other diamond shapes; each of the other five diamond shapes weigh 1.00 CT. (one carat), and each of the other five diamond shapes are "Ideal Cut" - Cut Graded "1A":

Cut Grade
Princess Cut Marquise Pear Shape Oval Emerald Cut Radiant Cut
1.00 CT.
6.0X6.0 10.0X5.0 8.0X5.0 8.0X6.0 7.0X5.0 7.0X5.0

a one carat Princess Cut Diamond looks 40% smaller than a one carat Marquise, 25% smaller than a one carat Pear Shape, 25% smaller than a one carat Oval, and 15% smaller than a one carat Emerald Cut or Radiant Cut Diamond.

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