Cut Grade Standards

The Length-to-Width Ratio and the visibility of the "Bow-Tie" effect is exactly the same for the Radiant Cut as it is for the Emerald Cut.
It is wise to consider a Radiant Cut Diamond in preference to an Emerald Cut. Both have the same rectangular shape, the same Length-to-Width ratio, the same dimensions per carat size, and the same beveled corners. There is a great deal of difference, however, in the visual brilliance of the two. This is because the Emerald Cut has only 28 facets, whereas the Radiant Cut has 58 facets. The Radiant Cut is twice as brilliant as the Emerald Cut. Not only does the Radiant Cut Diamond appear twice as brilliant, its 30 extra facets totally "mask" the few microscopic internal inclusions that the diamond may have. Those tiny inclusions that are not visible to the unaided eye in a Radiant Cut Diamond would be "Eye-Visible" in an Emerald Cut Diamond. Any Clarity Grade lower than a "VS1" would be "Eye-Visible" in an Emerald Cut Diamond, whereas a Clarity Grade of "SI1" or "SI2" would not be "Eye-Visible" in a Radiant Cut Diamond.
The Radiant Cut Diamond is as brilliant as the Princess Cut Diamond, but it looks 15% larger because its shape is rectangular with a Length that is longer than its Width. Its counterpart, the Princess Cut, is perfectly "square"; its Length and Width are the same.  

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